You have your branding, now how do you use it?

You finally invested in your branding (or DIY’d it) – now how exactly do you use it? It is SO important that you use your branding correctly!

If you had your branding professionally designed, you would have received a brand guide that teaches you how to do just that. But if you didn’t? You may not have a clue what to do with your logo, colour palette, etc.

Have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of ideas on how you can use your branding and level up your brand experience, so keep reading to find out what they are.

On your social media

Want to up-level your insta game? Use your branding on your profile (along with every other social media accounts). You can use a brand mark for your profile picture, create on brand highlight covers and templates for your feed, stories and even reels.

When you (or your designer) creates the templates, be sure to stick to your colour palette and typography suite. Do you have a website? Your layouts should be similar across that too.

I suggest to even get picky about your photography. Look at the colours in each photo and the overall “feeling” you get – does it match your brand?

*Tip: pick a theme or pattern and stick to it. For example, at Dear Juliet Designs we rotate between photos and graphics every second post. This will make your feed look more cohesive and attractive.

Feed template ideas

  • Quote graphic
  • Carousel graphic
  • Testimonial graphic
  • New blog post graphic
  • Featured service graphic
  • New product graphic

Facebook branding ideas

  • Facebook business page profile picture
  • Facebook business page cover photo
  • Facebook ads graphic

On your website

You need to have your branding before you build a website! Otherwise, your website will probably just be a hot mess of things you like but may not necessarily attract or resonate with your target audience. Just as on your social media, stick to using your colour palette and fonts in your typography suite on your website. Follow your brand guidelines to a TEE.

The layout and overall design of your website will be based on your creative direction and your branding. Your website visitors should recognise you on your website just as much as they can recognise you on your social media and in person.

Print collateral

It can be SO much fun to bring your branding to life. You can use your branding on business cards, brochures, menus, loyalty cards, packaging, boxes, tissue paper and more. You can get really detailed by selecting the right type of paper and printing methods. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you may want your business card design to be letterpress printed on nice thick, handmade paper. Do you see how this all adds to the brand experience, your brands “feel” and messaging?

Taking your branding across all of your business touch points will make even more of an impact, the impact you’re trying to make.


Properly utilising your branding across all touch points of your business will SERIOUSLY make an impact. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, increase your income and grow that dream business of yours, I suggest using some of these ideas!


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