Mission; to EMPOWER women all over the WORLD to bring their DREAMS to LIFE through HEARTFELT design

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A studio committed to helping heart led entrepreneurs grow the business of their dreams through thoughtful design, with a feminine touch.

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"i can now say i have a website and rebrand that i feel really happy with!"

Love notes

stephanie alexandra

"i am sO happy with the work jenn has done for me. she nailed the brief and brought my idea to life in the best way!"

elise humphrey

Love notes

"i would highly recommend jenn to everyone looking for professional and high quality branding."

stephanie alexandra

Love notes

"jenn is a sweetheart! she really wants to get to know you so she can design for your vision and create the brand that makes you proud."

tara plaza

Love notes

"jenn knew exactly what i wanted before i even did! i absolutely love how everything turned out and i can't recommend her enough!"

laura hutchinson

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"i am beyond happy with my new brand. Jenn went above and beyond for me. i highly recommend jenn!"

shelly williams

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"Jenn is amazing! I feel as though she got me as soon as we had our first call."

karen ritchie

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"Besides Jenn's obvious artistic talent, i would highly recommend jenn for her great customer service."

jen albert

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"100% work with jenn, she is awesome and will deliver to such a high standard."

karen ritchie

Love notes

"i had no idea how to get started coming up with a brand for my business but jenn guided me through the whole thing!"

laura hutchinson

Love notes

"jenn is a lovely girl. She is not only very professional but also has a great depth of knowledge."

karen ritchie

Love notes

"Jenn's guidance through the process was amazing."

elise humphrey

Love notes

"jenn helped me through so many stages of my website and to overcome many challenges using her expert knowledge and advice."

stephanie alexandra

Love notes

Hi! I'm Jenn - the 

Welcome to Dear Juliet Designs - a boutique design studio that builds brands and websites for heart-led entrepreneurs. I love designing even more than I love a fresh bowl of buttery popcorn and a glass of wine. The other thing I’m possibly even more passionate about is helping women find happiness and success in business and life itself.

founder & designer

your biggest & most 

I’m devoted to helping others follow their passions and bring more beauty into this world, one brand at a time. Imagine just how beautiful this world would be, if everyone found their true purpose, chased after their dreams and were truly in love with their life.


a head-over-heels

My main goal is to design a brand that you will be absolutely in love with, and that your people will fall head-over-heels in love with, too. Your new found confidence and connection to your business will help you take your business to the next level.


i'm here for you

let's level it up

devoted cheerleader

 kind of love

let's grow your

I really do care about empowering you to grow the business of your dreams, and I’ll put all of my heart into helping you do it. I'm a nurse turned designer (or maybe still a bit of both) so I know just how to take care of you. 

Jenn xx

dream business

are we a match?

fairytales do exist

I believe in true connections and true love. I believe that fairytales really do exist, no matter who tries to tell me otherwise!

follow your dreams

I believe that everyone should dream big and chase after their dreams. Sometimes you have to ask for help on how to get there. 

trust in yourself

I believe that you should trust deeply in your heart. Often, you know the answer, you just need to listen to your heart.

aesthetics matter

I value beautiful aesthetics and surroundings and believe it really impacts your daily life. I always try to make my surroundings beautiful, and organised. 

this is what matters





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