Visual brand identity – what is it?

Put simply, your visual brand identity is the visual representation of the essence of your business. Your visual brand identity has to communicate your message, everything you’ve discovered during the brand strategy or discovery phase. This includes your brand personality, core values, and more.

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Here are the 5 elements (plus a bonus) of a visual brand identity!

The 5 elements of a visual brand identity

1. Primary logo

The primary logo is the main element of your brand. It is the thing that will be most recognisable for your business. Think of the Starbucks logo, for example. Everybody knows that it is Starbucks! Same with Louis Vuitton…

*Here’s a tip for you… you don’t need to fit your entire story (and everything you like) into your logo. It should be a piece of your brand. If you are just getting started in your business and even DIYing your branding, I recommend keeping it SUPER simple! You can add other colours and graphics into your branding elsewhere.

2. Secondary logo

A secondary logo is an alternate version of your primary logo. Why, you may be wondering? Because your primary logo may not always fit in the space appropriately. For example, if your primary logo is more of a linear shape, you should have a secondary logo that is similar but a stacked shape. Think about if you had to put a linear logo into a circular Instagram profile picture… you would have to make it really really tiny. It would be difficult to read and not look right.

3. Brand mark/submark

Brand marks are even more simplified versions of your logo. They are great to use for your favicon (that little symbol next to your url), as stickers, badges and more. You can get really creative and fun with these! You can even make brand marks out of your tagline.

4. Typography suite

A typography suite can be the KEY difference to elevating your brand. I know that it can be easy to want to use all the pretty fonts on Canva, but you need to pick 2-4 and STICK WITH THEM (sorry to be harsh).

In a typography suite, you will receive fonts that pair well together and support your overall brand message and “feel” or “vibe”. Different fonts do in fact give off different vibes. For example, some fonts will appear luxury, romantic, elevated, editorial while others may appear bold, rugged or rough. You should have designated fonts and their styling (such as letter spacing) for your headings, subheadings and body copy.

5. Colour palette

Colour psychology is your friend!

Did you know that colours can make you feel a certain way or emotion!? Just as different fonts give off different vibes, the same goes for colours.

For example, the colour red represents love, passion, excitement, sexy.

The colour pink can feel sweet, nice, playful, feminine.

You should have anywhere from about 2-6 colours that go well together and add to that overall feeling of your brand.

*Bonus – Brand photography

Bonus for you my lovelies! Brand photography is the icing on the cake. It ties everything together perfectly with a cherry on top.


Be on brand all the time, and consistent, so your audience knows you and can trust you. That my friends, will lead to more sales!


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